What We Do

What We Do

ClikFlik aims to deliver an unprecedented bespoke service in commercial film-making.

Being small means we're fast, flexible, competitive and work serially, taking on one project or campaign at a time; so our clients are always our top priority. It means we can respond quickly, work closely and deliver exactly what's needed. With a long background in technology and advertising we offer full production from creative concept and storyboarding to the mechanisms of final content delivery.


At ClikFlik we have the experience and capability to manage the entire process from the bluesky rough ideas right through to post-production strategy and the detailed mechanisms that will get your story across to the audience you need to reach.

The team's background in the creative commercial world means that we can start from any point, whether you have a detailed vision or just the nub of an idea you want to communicate and who you want to speak to. We'll pitch a number of creative solutions and keep on coming until you find your ideal fit. We know what works, what grabs attention, what inspires an audience to keep watching and click through to a site. As writers we have a solid background in comedy and drama and can help you shape a great film.


ClikFlik is small because we're enthusiasts. We love making films. We've always utilized the cutting edge technology to punch above our weight. From CGI to designing responsive sites for hosting client productions, we're always ready to push the boundaries.


You don't just want a beautiful, captivating, film. If there's a call to action it has to be compelling. Our films have proven themselves in increasing traffic, click-thrus and inspiring interest and sign-ups in brands, campaigns and causes.


Producing a film that truly meets your needs is never as simple as creating a brief and then waiting to see what comes out the other end. We take on projects serially so all our focus is always with your film. We take you along with every step .