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    Building A Global TV Hub

    The Commercial Broadcasters Association (CoBA) commissioned this film to help their campaign lobbying MPs to support the growing commercial television production business. An industry that is seeing the UK is corner the market in creating TV content for the world. Fairly abstract and complex ideas had to be conveyed simply and effectively. We suggested a hand drawn animation interspersed with interviews with Industry leaders. The film was so effective it was updated the next year with new figures and new interviewees. Becasue this film had to represent a number of blue chip production companies like Disney, Sky and Virgin, it needed to satisfy them all.
    The animation of the hand is, in fact, computer generated based on drawings by the artist Don Grant who created a series of amorphous figures to keep things as simple as possible and not distract from the messages. The interviews were conducted at the headquarters of Comedy Central, Sky and Discovery. Animation is never a quick process but we managed to put the entire film together in three weeks before working with the client on a number of edits until the film was completely satisfactory. The later update was done in three days. we also designed a website and secured a domain name for the project: